tisdag 6 oktober 2009


I dream to the sound of the Dark Chamber Orchestra. I dream about you. I wake up and look around. The trees are dressed in the same old red velvet wallpaper. I want to go to the shop to buy peanuts. The high man-made grass tickles under my feet. When I arrive the shop is totally overgrown by cotton candy. It must have been closed for years, the cotton candy has a sour taste. It's night and the zone shines. I go home to my foam plastic cave. I pass through the opening, a black curtain of liquid vinyl, like wet black hair. When I comb the vinyl - music occurs. Music from The Dark Chamber Orchestra.

(Illustration from The City of Crocodiles)

2 kommentarer:

  1. The most erotic moment of this beautiful lady is her little tail.

    My dreams are often reminiscent thriller or films about fantastic travels.

  2. Yes it's a nice tail...

    We live inside a dream.