onsdag 8 september 2010

A review to a kill

Translation: If you get a bad review... And if you get a good review... "Good?!! I'm a genius!!!"

Some time ago I met Joanna Rubin Dranger. She said she had one of my comics on her wall. I was flattered and asked which one. After some time I realized she meant this one. It was made in 2004 for Författaren (The Swedish Writers' Union Magazine). I guess it says something about how an author can feel about reviews.

2 kommentarer:

  1. hah!
    Och själv väntar man trånandes på sin första riktiga recension...

    Jag gillar att du hänger dig i slipsen!

  2. Just det Alice, jag borde tagit med trånandet också...

    Tack för hängnings-komplimangen!