tisdag 11 mars 2014

Crocodiles in the UK

I'm glad to announce that Borderline Press is preparing an edition of City of Crocodiles (Krokodilstaden). It will be out in April 2014 in the UK. 

"Are you prepared for the world to come, when global warming and rising sea levels submerge and transform our planet into someplace strange? After the whole landscape is flooded, cattle-farming has been replaced by crocodile-hunting to make into shoes, chess pieces, soup, burgers, ornaments and more. Stranger still are the masked cultists who tie the living beasts to their backs for ritual combat, and a siren with a crocodile tail who seduces a widower fisherman. Reading Knut Larsson's imagistic myth-making feels like a hypnotising dream. Immerse yourself in this speechless, soundless 'crocotopia' and you will find its silence is brimming over with eloquence and elegance."
 – Paul Gravett, writer, curator and journalist for ArtReview

Interview here:

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