onsdag 20 januari 2010


Isolated for seven days and nights on the island of Tjörn I have been painting a 270x120 cm triptych. It will be shown at the upcoming exhibition "Contemporary Nordic Comics" at Nordic Watercolour Museum. The triptych is a sequel to my picture story "Triton" - a cruel tale of a fisherman's encounter with the sea god Triton.

Opening January 30th. More information here:

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  1. Hej! Hur är det?
    You`re like a monk. It`s a great experience to be isolated and doing creative work. After that you have another look for usual things, haven`t you? It`s like a spiritual practice. Particularly the plase of triptych birth is on island of Tjörn not connected with another landscapes. Like a planet in space: it`s a part, but independent part.
    Is it for you outstanding, especial or usual feelings connected with this work?

    P.S. I`m tired a little not to say all i want when i write på svenska. So, today is my vacance day )) I can let me be relaxed and write in english. It`s much more easyer for me. But it will be not all time.

    Jenia från Moskva

  2. ja bra där knut mer sånt fint spännande! Den vill jag se live in person. ciao ses. M

  3. Jenia: Yes it's great living like a monk for a week and just be dedicated to work. Tjörn IS another planet, a beautiful planet. At leas in the winter. Anyhow the triptych came from my visits there. The sea is a great inspiration.
    Take care and all the best,

  4. Jag vill att du skall se den Marcus! Om inte du kan komma ner så får väl triptyken komma till dig. Ciao ses, K