tisdag 9 februari 2010

Crocodiles on ICE in Paris

I'm now presented by ICE in Paris, France. Thanks to Johanna Suo.
A few words about ICE:

"Innovation culture Europe, ICE, is an association created in the autumn 2007. ICE wants to improve knowledge between European countries and cultures and to bring forth values such as awareness, engagement and openness through art and cultural projects.

ICE initiates and produces transcultural European art projects but also collaborates with other actors in the cultural sector that share the same goals and values."

My presentation and more information here:

2 kommentarer:

  1. That seems toppen ju Knut, grattis! Vad innebär detta, ska du ställa ut nånstans i samband med detta och får du nåt pris etc? Ses, ciao

  2. Tackar! Det innebär främst att ICE kommer presentera mina grejer i Frankrike. Lite som en agent. Ses, K