lördag 18 februari 2012

Dialogue with August

Today as I stood and painted in the stairway at the Swedish Institute in Paris, a small boy came up to me.

Boy: Who is that?

Knut: It is Strindberg, he was an author.

Boy: I know. My dad likes Strindberg. I am named after him.

Knut: Your name is August?

Boy: Yes.

Knut: Do you like drawing August?

Boy: I draw dragons mostly.

Knut: I used to do that as well.

Boy: What's that around him?

Knut: It's waves.

Boy: Is he in the sea?

Knut: Yes.

Boy: Oh.

His mother comes and wants to take a picture of August in front of the painting. August is not amused by the photo session. They go towards the exit.

Knut: Goodbye August!

Boy: Bye.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Uppskattade mycket besöket pà Institutet, vad du gjort och vad du presenterade! Skrev om det pà min blog: http://www.peter-pho2.com/2012/02/swedish-institute.html

  2. Roligt att du uppskattade besöket Peter! Och det var ett fint blogginlägg du gjort. Allt gott!