onsdag 15 februari 2012


After the festival in Angoulême me and the Strindberg exhibition travelled to SI (the Swedish Institute) in Paris. The institute is located in Hôtel de Marle in the Marais district. There in the grand stairway I am also working on a wall painting. It will be finished in the end of February.
A big thanks to Kristina Kolehmainen, Fredrik Strömberg and Josefin Svenske who made the exhibition possible. Thanks also to the great crew at SI Paris. More info on SI here and on my Toten-Insel here.

Me and my Toten-Insel.

On the wall the Toten-Insel comic.

The wallpainting of Stindberg in Hôtel de Marles stairway.

A work in progress...

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