fredag 23 mars 2012

Moebius and his Hand

I only saw Moebius once at the The Angoulême Comics Festival. I think it was 1997, it was my first time there.

I'm walking in one of the huge festival tents. I'm passing by Will Eisner sitting exhausted in an armchair. I dare not approach him. Then I see Moebius. He is drawing at one of the publishers tables. I'm surprised that there's no line of fans. Maybe he's not signing just doodling. Or maybe he's not so popular at the moment. I observe him from a distance. As he is drawing he's talking to a colleague next to him. Moebius looks up to him but his hand never stops drawing. Like his hand has a will of it's own. An autonomous hand free from it's master. Just pure drawing. Pure from ideology, message and ego. Almost unhuman. Moebius looks down on his paper again. Maybe to see what the hand has been drawing. And I walk away.

Moebius and his hand has now left this planet. Luckily he left behind some books with drawings.

Me outside Moebius Exhibition at Fondation Cartier in Paris.

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