torsdag 2 maj 2013

Rapport from SIS13

Signing Triton and Kolonialsjukhuset.

This weekend it was the Stockholm International Comics Festival. It was beautiful to meet the whole comics family. There were book-signings, talks & coffe during the days and mingling & parties during night.

I signed my book Triton at the PLG table since my french publisher Philippe Morin was attending. Also I did some signing at Sanatorium and LL-Förlaget.

LL-förlaget (The easy-to-read publishing house) is releasing Sherlock Holmes - the first book in their Classics Illustrated project. I got the pleasure of drawing my favorite Sherlock story The Final Problem. You can buy the book HERE.

Looking forward to the next festival.

During a talk on the Shelock Holmes book.

Artwork by Jens Andersson, Loka Kanarp and Knut Larsson.
I made a Triton pin for SIS13.

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